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1st AIEE Energy Symposium
Current and Future Challenges
to Energy Security


30 November-2 December 2016 - The University of Milan-Bicocca - Milan
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<<<<<<<<<< Wednesday - November 30, 2016
<<<<<<<<<< Thursday - December 1, 2016
Friday - December 2, 2016
08.30-10.30 Coffee bar
09.00-10.30 concurrent sessions (17-20)
17 Strategic contribution of energy storage to energy security - Building U6 - Room 1F - ground floor
Chair: Arturo Lorenzoni, University of Padua, Italy
  Renewable Energy and Storage: A Diffusion Analysis
Presenter: Anjali Nursimulu, Energy Center, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Author: Nursimulu Anjali
Energy Storage in Solar Power Plants in the Italian Energy Markets
Presenter: Davide Carminati, Energy Consultant, Italy
Author: Davide Carminati, Energy Consultant, Italy
Stochastic system LCOE and optimal integration of intermitting renewable sources
Presenter:  Carlo Mari,  University of Pescara
Authors:  Carlo Mari, Carlo Lucheroni
18 Behavioural energy economics - Building U6 - Room 1B - ground floor
Chair: Sonnenschein Jonas, IIIEE, Lund University
  An integrated and participatory sustainable urban-energy planning methodology for the city of Cesena
Presenter: Rocco De Miglio, E4SMA srl, Italy
Author:  Rocco De Miglio, Maurizio Gargiulo, Alessandro Chiodi
Switch off the light, please! Energy consumption, aging population and consumption habits
Presenter: Rossella Bardazzi, University of Florence, Department of Economics and Management, Italy
Authors: Bardazzi Rossella, Maria Grazia Pazienza
Household customers choice of electricity retailer
Presenter: Kari-Anne Fange, Ostfold University College, Norway
Authors:  Fange Kari-Anne, Olvar Bergland
19 Environmental policy and security: an overview - Building U6 - Room Rodolfi - 4th floor
Chair: Federico Boffa University of Macerata
  Environmental policies in the Big Three: EU, US, and China, in a Bayesian DSGE model
Presenter: Carlo Andrea Bollino, University of Perugia & AIEE, Italy
Authors: Carlo Andrea Bollino, Amedeo Argentiero, Tarek Atalla, Simona Bigerna, Silvia Micheli, Paolo Polinori
Evaluation of energy consumption and air pollution externalities due to cruise ships in ports
Presenter: Manolis Souliotis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Macedonia, Kozani, Greece
Author: Papaefthimiou Spiros. George Nikoloudakis, Stelios Tsafarakis, Manolis Souliotis, Kostas Andriosopoulos
Fossil fuels assets’ exposure to carbon policy: will stranding risk increase in a post COP21 agreement world?
Presenter: Isabella Alloisio, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Italy
Authors:  Alloisio Isabella, Francesco Pietro Colelli
20 Innovation in power markets  - Building U7 - Room Pagani - 3rd floor
Chair: Silvana Stefani, University Bicocca, Italy
  The Political Economy of Energy Innovation
Presenter: Elena Verdolini, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Italy
Authors: Shouro Dasgupta, Enrica De Cian, Elena Verdolini
Consumer and value creation in the utility of the future: an experiment in the Italian solar PV market
Presenter: Veronica Galassi, Institute for Future Energy Consumer Needs and Behavior (FCN), RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Authors: Veronica Galassi, Reinhard Madlener
The RES-induced Switching Effect Across Fuels: an Analysis of the Italian Balancing Prices with Their Connected Costs
Presenter: Angelica Gianfreda, DEMS, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Author:  Angelica Gianfreda, Lucia Parisio, Matteo Pelagatti
10.30-11.30 Dual Plenary Sessions
Energy challenges in the industrial sectors: the transition to a low-carbon economy
(Building U6 - Room 1F - ground floor)
Chair: Pippo Ranci, Professor of Economic Policy at the Università Cattolica, Italy
Gianni Murano, President Esso Italiana, Italy
Luca Bragoli, Head of Institutional Affairs, Gruppo ERG
Salvatore Pinto, President of Axpo
  Europe Roadmap to 2050 and the future strategies of the energy industry - (Building U6 - Room 1B - ground floor)
  Chair: Felice Egidi, Head of European Public Affairs Enel
Manfred Hafner, Partner and Vice-President Consulting of Enerdata, France
Claudio Spinaci, President Unione Petrolifera, Italy

Paolo Gallo, CEO Italgas
11.30-13.00 concurrent sessions (21-24)
21 Technology development - grid management - Building U6 - Room 1F - ground floor
Chair: Francesco Marghella, AIEE, Italy
  Distribution network vulnerability assessment
Presenter: Alfonso Santos, iX Estudos e Projetos Ltda, Brasil
Authors: Camilo Raimundo Silva Pereira, Afonso Santos, Rodolfo Lima, Ricardo Cruz
Economic optimization of electricity supply security in light of the interplay between transmission system and distribution system operator
Presenter: Jacob Tran, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Author: Jacob Tran, Alexander Fuchs, Reinhard Madlener
Why smart metering in Italian water cycle : more than an opportunity
Presenter: Francesco Albasser, Studio Ingegneria, Italy
Author:  Albasser Francesco
Barriers to entry in frequency-regulation services markets: review of the status quo and options for improvements
Presenter: Olivier Borne,  Centrale Supélec, France
Authors: Borne Olivier, Yannick Perez, Klaas Korte
22 KAPSARC Special Session - Building U6 - Room Rodolfi - 4th floor
Discussion of the Special Issue of the Energy Journal: “Renewables and Diversification in Heavily Energy Subsidized Economies
  Chair: Axel Pierru, KAPSARC, Saudi Arabia

Carlo Andrea Bollino, AIEE, Italy
Tarek Atalla, KAPSARC, Saudi Arabia
Kostas Andriosopoulos, Research Centre for Energy Management (RCEM), UK
Marzio Galeotti, Department of Environmental and Energy Economics University of Milan, Italy
Tooraj Jamasb, Durham Energy Institute. U.K
Lucia Visconti Parisio, University Bicocca, Italy
N.P. N.P
23 Climate policy and emission trading - Building U6 - Room 1B - ground floor
Chair: Antonio Geracitano, EOS Consulting S.p.A
  A multicriteria assessment approach to the energy trilemma
Presenter: Pliousis Athanasios, Technical University of Crete, Grece
Authors: Andriosopoulos Kostas, Michael Doumpos, Athanasios Pliousis
Climate Change, Hydropower Dam Capacity, and Flood-Overtopping
Presenter: Yuan Niu, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Connecticut, USA
Author: Niu Yuan, Farhed Shah
Environmental taxation in a globalized economy
Presenter: Agime Gerbeti,  LUMSA University, Italy
Author: Agime Gerbetti
Policy Adaptation for Scaling up Renewables
Presenter: Jaime Legerén Álvarez, Energy Center, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Author: Legerén Álvarez Jaime, Anjali Nursimulu
24 Policies for Res technologies - Building U7 - Room Pagani - 3rd floor
Chair: Lucia Visconti Parisio, University of Milano Bicocca, Faculty of Economics, Italy
  The impact of electricity subsidy removal on renewable electricity generation.
The case of Bangladesh
Presenter: Sakib Amin, North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Author: Amin Sakib
Regional redistribution effects of support to renewables
Presenter: Alessandro Sapio, Parthenope University of Naples, Italy
Author: Sapio Alessandro
Optimization Strategies for Sustainable Energy Development in Angola – A Multi-Stage Approach
Presenter: Artur Barreiros,  Departament of Mechanical Engineering, Technical Institute, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Authors:  Jone Heitor, Artur Barreiros, Barradas Cardoso
Impact of Emission Trading on the Energy-mix
Presenter: Paolo Falbo, University of Brescia
Authors: A. Bersani, Paolo Falbo, Loretta Mastroeni
13.00-14.15 Student Best Paper Award Ceremony” and Lunch - Building U6 - Hall - floor -1

Plenary Session - European perspectives in the global energy context - (Building U6 - Room 1B - ground floor)

  Chair: Carlo Andrea Bollino, President AIEE, Italy
Laura Cozzi, Head Demand Division World Energy Outlook, International Energy Agency, France

Samuele Furfari, Adviser to the Director General of DG ENERGY, European Commission
Alessandro Clerici, Honorary President WEC Italy
15.00-16.30 concurrent sessions (25-28)
25 The future of transport - Building U6 - Room 1F - ground floor
Chair: Simone Casadei, INNOVHUB Stazioni Sperimentali per l’Industria
  Energy literacy, environmental attitudes and efficient vehicle ownership
Presenter: Bettina Hirl, University of Lugano, Switzerland
Authors:  Bettina Hirl, Massimo Filippini, Adan L. Martinez-Cruz
Modelling Modal Shift within TIMES Energy System Models
Presenter: Jacopo Tattini, DTU Management, Energy System Analysis Group, Denmark
Authors: Tattini Jacopo, Kenneth Karlsson, Maurizio Gargiulo
Toll Rate and Vehicle Carbon Monoxide Emission
Presenter: Qixing  Jason Wang, University of Connecticut, USA
Author:  Wang Jason Qixing , Yuan Niu
Potential for biogas generation of the operating landfills on Brazil

Presenter: Alfonso Santos, iX Estudos e Projetos, Brasil
Author: Lima Rodolfo, Afonso Santos, Ana Cristina Pereira, Barbara Flauzino, Camilo Pereira.
26 Student Session (Student Best Paper Award) - Building U6 - Room 1B - ground floor
Chair: Alessandro Sapio, University of Naples Parthenope
  Vertical integration and retail tariff design in electricity markets
Presenter: Andreas Knaut, Institute of Energy Economics, University of Cologne, Germany
Author:  Knaut Andreas
  Economic Feasibility of Wind Energy Participation in Secondary Reserves Markets
Presenter: Thompson Andrew,  Vedecom/Université Paris-Saclay, France
Authors: Thompson Andrew
  Testing Persistence of the WTI and Brent Long-run Relationship after the Shale oil Supply Shock
Presenter:  Elham Talebbeydokhti, University of Padova
Author:  Elham Talebbeydokht
  Forecasting Italian electricity market prices using Neural Network and Support Vector Regression techniques
Presenter:  Federica Davò, University of Bergamo and RSE-Milan
Author:  Federica Davò


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